Project Description

Consulting Engineer:
Douglas Carroll Consulting Engineers
Main Contractor:
Mythen Construction Ltd

Brief Description:
• New pellet fired central Boiler plant (incl. Fuel silo fit-out, boilers flues and controls)
• LPHW installation to radiators, underfloor heating and trench heaters
• Heat Pump heating and cooling installation (incl. Air to water heat pumps, buffer vessel, plant room,
circulating pipework, heating and cooling pipework embedded within the slabs and controls.
• Mechanical extract installation to toilet, locker kitchen and cleaners store
• Air conditioning installation to the e-learning room and comms room
• Natural ventilation installation (incl. Control system for all motorised windows)
• Provision for future linking to district heating scheme
• BMS controls installation (incl. Controls of LPHW, heating pump, ventilation, DWS and natural ventilation installation)
• Installation of DWS to all water outlets throughout the building
• Soils & Waste Installation
• Fire Fighting Extinguishers