Here at Blanchfield Heating we provide a range of Mechanical services. Our specialities include Plumbing, Insulation/Cladding, Pipework, Water Services, Boiler, Ventilation.

We also provide BIM/3D Drawings and design services.

Other Mechanical Services we provide to a wide range of clients include:

• PVE Pipework
• Chilled WATER
• Chlorination
• Commissioning
• Drainage
• Hot water generation

• Isolation units
• Medical gases
• Rain water harvesting
• Sanitary ware
• Stainless steel fabrication
• Underfloor heating

• Water services
• Energy control systems
• Renewable technologies
• Ventilation systems
• Air conditioning units
• High Pressure Compressed Air

If the mechanical service you require is not listed below than please don’t hesitate to contact us on 056-775-0371 or email as we may well be able to provide a solution.


Blanchfield Mechanical Maintenance was established to compliment Blanchfield Heating. Our aim is to provide a high level of service, together with detailed reports, giving you peace of mind knowing your facility is well maintained and serviced by us.

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